Just as most top athletes have a coach to help improve their performance; most businesses with the drive to succeed engage some form of mentoring assistance to fine-tune their business performance.

What is mentoring

A mentor is someone with experience who you trust and can consult for business advice and guidance to assist your business or professional development. Mentoring usually involves the informal transmission of knowledge and social capital over a sustained period, with some face-to-face meetings supported by email and telephone communication.

Finding the right mentor for your business is likely to be the hardest part. The first step would be to assess your own strengths and weaknesses to identify where you or your business could benefit from input or new ideas. Ideally you will need to find a mentor with the right experience and know-how to help where you need it most.

Your mentor will also need to be someone you both respect and trust, because you will be divulging a lot about yourself and your business to enable your mentor to assist you to grow both personally and professionally.

Our mission is to leverage the power of mentoring to help Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses thrive.

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